the truth story

I am going to tell you a story about what Vojkan, Nikola and Felix mean to me. It all began in early 2000′s when I started to write e-mails to Felix and Vojkan. I am not sure who contacted who first but even then I could tell that we shared lots of similar attitudes and ideals about DIY hc/punk, sXe, fanzines and some other important things. Then, Felix and Vojkan were in a great hc/punk band called OPD. The Truth Of XXX started in the end of 2003 after OPD disband. At that moment Nikola stepped into this story. The Truth Of XXX first drummer Milos (who was also in OPD) was not sXe but in fact The Truth Of XXX represented all the positive aspects of sXe hc/punk lifestyle and philosophy. At the time, The Truth Of XXX were one of the rare hc/punk bands from Ex-Yugoslavia area which represented sXe ideas (next to FxPxOx from Skopje, Macedonia, Let’s Grow from Belgrade, Serbia and few years later also Vaseline Children from Zagreb, Croatia). Even thought I was not 100% fan of all The Truth Of XXX music, still I was very excited about them and could not wait to meet those guys. In 2004 Felix, Vojkan and Nikola started Ex-YU Straight Edge Bulletin (in collaboration with various active hc/punk people from Ex-YU countries), a zine which purpose was to gather all positive DIY hc/punk active people from Ex-YU countries. Only two issues of bulletin came out but the zine itself had positive feedback from the punx from all over Ex-YU (at least from the persons who were reading zines). Finally, I met Felix, Vojkan and Nikola on 28th May 2005 when I played in Belgrade with one of my old bands, Lasting Values. Other bands playing that night were Let’s Grow, Unison (both from Belgrade) and Vitamin X from Amsterdam, Netherlands. I was so happy to finally meet my pen palls and we clicked from the first moment we shaked hands. It was like I knew them already for years. Same year, in the summer I visited them at their home town Kraljevo. We had our first rehearsals together because they were invited to play in October in Skopje, Macedonia. Their drummer was serving military civil service at the moment so he couldn’t leave the country. So, I stepped in on drums. On that October 2005 we spent few furious and great days in Belgrade practicing and having fun. On 30th October 2005 we headed to Skopje, capital of Macedonia. 31st October 2005 we played in Skopje and that day was one of the best in my life. Traveling with 3 crazy guys from Kraljevo, hanging out in Skopje with FxPxOx guys and the rest of Skopje DIY hc/punk crew and playing / witnessing one of the best hc/punk shows that I have ever been or played. Also, FxPxOx and Speak Our Minds (both from Skopje) played that night and both bands were fucking incredible. That day I started to think that Vojkan, Felix and Nikola are my brothers (as much as this sound cliche but it’s the truth). In 2006 new drummer Dejan joined The Truth Of XXX (now all the members were sXe if anyone cares) and with that line up the band was very active. They played a lot of shows, recorded and released few cds and take part in few international compilations. Some of memorable shows from those times were definitely a show in Rijeka (November 2006) with Vaseline Children (where I played drums) and show in Belgrade (December 2006) with Vaseline Children, Home Sick Home (Belgrade) and Sidekicks (Kraljevo/Belgrade/Ruma) and 3 shows in Croatia – Rijeka, Varazdin and Zagreb (May 2008). In winter time of 2008 Dejan left the band, Felix was not sXe anymore and with new drummer Miki, the band decided to change the name so they become The Truth. I shared again “the stage” with The Truth guys when Junk Messiah (where I played drums) played two shows with The Truth in Sombor and Belgrade (Serbia) during December 2009. Miki left the band and the band wasn’t active in 2010. Finally, in the begining of 2011 Vojkan sent me e-mail about his plan to do two weeks tour with The Truth and Katma (band in which Vojkan played drums). The Truth didn’t have a drummer at the time… My reaction was immediately, what are you talking about, I will be your drummer! Vojkan answered that he was thinking the same thing and wanted to ask me anyway. After few rehearsals in June 2011 in Belgrade, in August we hit the road. The Truth and Katma toured and played 15 shows from 4th August to 20th August 2011 through Romania, Ukraine (8 days and 6 shows), Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovenia. The tour itself was great! Lots of cool places, people and shows and also the atmosphere in the van was cool. Again, it was one of the best episodes in our lives. After the tour we all agreed that we’ll continue to play together and that we will try to be active as much as we can (considering that now Felix live in Belgrade, Vojkan and Nikola are in Kraljevo and I’m in Zagreb). In December 2011 we recorded 3 new songs which are released on The Truth / Helltard split 10”. In 2012 we played spring tour over Croatia, Slovenia and Italy and during summer The Truth and Helltard played tour over Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Slovenia. It’s so normal for me to be part of this band because, as I have said before, Vojkan, Nikola and Felix are like brothers to me. We went together through lots of good and bad times. I don’t doubt that we will experience more in the future. I’m proud to be a part of The Truth family. Vojkan, Nikola and Felix, thank you.



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