the truth – tenzija
format: 7″
year: 2016
label(s): dhpak47 / rauha turva / you are not normal records / mad schnauzer records / ffud rec / burina records / destroy it yourself / mentalna smrt
pressing info: 530 pcs (black vinyl) + 5 pcs (test pressing)

the truth – voices from the past
format: cassette
year: 2013
label(s): rauha turva
pressing info: 55 pcs (solid baby blue cassette)

the truth / helltard – svakog carstva za tri dana dosta / olos
format: 10″, split
year: 2012
label(s): dhpak47 / fucking kill records / crime chords / rauha turva / you are not normal records / septic star records
pressing info: 555 pcs (transparent purple vinyl)

v/a – zajednicka borba
format: cd, compilation
year: 2012
label(s): zajednicka borba – antifasisticka akcija
pressing info: no info

v/a – cancer is boring
format: digital playback & download
year: 2012
label(s): akupunktura sound
pressing info: no info

the truth / i hope you suffer – s/t
format: cdr, split
year: 2009
label(s): dhpak47 / burn their trends
pressing info: 200 pcs


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