2017 european tour (with rules)
croatia, slovakia, switzerland, belgium, germany, poland, czech republic
2017 mini tour (with left to starve)

2016 european tour (with ugly fucks)
switzerland, france, spain, italy, croatia
2016 mini tour (with ugly fucks)
croatia, slovenia, italy

2015 mini tour (with terminal 13 & ugly fucks)
2015 european tour (with ugly fucks)
slovenia, italy, switzerland, germany, france, spain
2015 mini tour (with ugly fucks)
serbia, hungary, slovakia, czech republic, croatia
2015 mini tour (with bosonogo djetinjstvo)
macedonia, greece, turkey

2014 european tour (with people fox)
croatia, czech republic, poland, germany, netherlands, belgium, switzerland, italy

2013 european tour
croatia, czech republic, germany, netherlands, belgium, france, switzerland, italy
2013 mini tour (with ugly fucks)

2012 european tour (with helltard)
serbia, hungary, czech republic, germany, netherlands, france, belgium, switzerland, slovenia
2012 mini tour
croatia, slovenia, italy

2011 european tour (with katma)
romania, ukraine, poland, germany, czech republic, slovenia


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